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Every few months, three different committees, consisting of union and management representatives on each, meet to discuss issues that are specific to a local, a ministry or OPS as a whole.  These committees are referred to as the Local Enforcement and Renewal Committee (LERC), Ministry Enforcement and Renewal Committee (MERC) and the Central Enforcement and Renewal Committee (CERC).
Minutes from these meetings are posted to OPSEU's website ( and the employer's intranet site.


This is the committee that discusses and resolves issues which affect our specific local.  The members of Local 340's LEC are:
Karrie Ouchas, Co-chair
Rob Cox
Norm Bell
Art Slade
Benjamin Ng (Alternate)


This committee addresses issues that have been referred from their respective LERC's and/or which affect employees of a specific Ministry.  The members of your Ministry of Finance MERC team are:
Kathleen Demareski, Co-chair
Leo Herkovitz
Maurice Gabay


The Central Enforcement and Renewal committee addresses issues that have not been resolved at the LERC/MERC levels and/or has an impact on the OPS as a whole.  Members of the CERC team are:
Eric Morin, Co-chair
Kathleen Demareski
Rheal Delaquis

OPSEU Local 340 is a non-profit organization committed to serving its members within the Durham Region.
Questions or comments?
Please contact us.
OPSEU Local 340
110-40 King St W
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 1A4
Phone: (905) 579-2658
Fax:  (905) 579-6619