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Health & Safety


No scents is good sense

An behalf of those members who have serious allergies, we respectfully ask that you wear scented hair spray, perfume, cologne, aftershave or any other scented product in moderation.
Perfumes and other strong odours can precipitate severe asthma attacks, allergic reactions (headaches, congestion, etc.) in some of our staff.
For more information on the affects of these types of chemicals in the workplace, click on this link:


Joint Health and Safety Committee
Employee Representatives

33 King St. W., Oshawa

  • Sandra Carter, Co-chair
  • Kathy Duncan
  • Barry Hutchison
  • Karrie Ouchas

40 King St. W., Oshawa
  • Kathleen Demareski, Co-chair
  • Penny Starr

55 Athol St., Oshawa
  • Sylvie Harrison, Co-chair
  • Tracey Down
  • Lisa Knell

1550 Bayly St., Pickering
  • Larry Irvine, Co-chair
  • Art Slade
  • Julie Mahilal

1600 Champlain Ave., Whitby
  • Lindsey Morillo, Co-chair
  • Karen Khan
  • Dana Allard
  • Veralynn Bramble
  • Michele Hudson

590 Rossland Rd., Whitby
  • Dina Petrosky

OPSEU Local 340 is a non-profit organization committed to serving its members within the Durham Region.
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OPSEU Local 340
110-40 King St W
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 1A4
Phone: (905) 579-2658
Fax:  (905) 579-6619