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Wear your "No More Cuts" pins and stickers and use your OPSEU bag.  Work to your contract.  Remember to take breaks and lunches.  VDT operators, take your 10 minutes away from your terminal every hour. 
T-shirt Days
"Black" Tuesdays
"Blue" Thursdays
"Red" Fridays - in support of OAG category workers
Monday Mini-Pickets
Beginning Monday, May 9 and until such time as we obtain a contract, members are asked to participate in lunch time pickets around their work sites.  These mini-pickets are to begin at 12:00 noon.  Members are asked to meet at the Local office (40 King St. W.) to group before beginning their walk about. 
Wear signs, wave OPSEU flags and make a little noise.  This act of solidarity shows the employer that we will do what ever it takes to gain a fair contract and shows support to our Bargaining Teams.
What you can do now to lessen the hardship in the event of a labour disruption
  • Put $20.00/week or per pay aside now as a bumper (Take your lunch money twice/week and brown bag it)
  • Stock up on food - ie: buy 5 extra cans of produce and put aside while doing your weekly shopping
  • Talk to your bank’s financial officer re: trying to obtain a line of credit or skipping a mortgage payment in the event of a strike
  • Get your medication and eyeglasses prescriptions filled before the contract expires
  • Hand in outstanding drug receipts for reimbursement
  • Apply extra money ($5-$10) to your utility bills to ease larger bills later
  • Work out daycare plans with co-workers (watch each other’s children) with alternate picket duties (should the need arise)
  • Did you know "AirMiles" could be cashed in for food voucher’s at A & P and Sobey’s?
  • Club Z points can be redeemed for in-store credit (Diapers, baby food, other food items)
  • Prepare casseroles now and freeze them for use later
  • Pay off or get caught up on credit card balances now
  • Do not make any unnecessary large purchases (ie: car, trip, furniture, etc...) until a contract has been negotiated.
  • Look for deals in your weekly flyers then stock up and pass along the info to your friends
  • Open a high interest savings account (i.e. virtual bank) and mark it "strike fund" - if there is no strike...change it to "vacation fund"
Casselman visits Local 340
May 9, 2005 was an eventful day for Local 340.  OPSEU President Leah Casselman paid a visit and spoke with local members and press about our bargaining issues.
In a show of continued support for our bargaining teams, some members demonstrated their commitment by marching through the Michael Starr building Atrium with a bullhorn, flags and signs.  Back on King Street, they rejoined the rest of the group marched through Oshawa's downtown core to the new Strike HQ.  Leah and Local 340 President Jaymes Gambell led the way; a fond memory for Leah from the 2002 Strike when we took to the street and held up traffic! 
Thank you to Leah for joining us in the official opening of our Strike HQ and for answering members questions.
Local 340 photo op to support Bargaining Teams
On Monday, May 2, 2005, members of Local 340 met before their Local union office for a group photo opportunity in support of OPS Bargaining Teams.
The action was immediately noticed by the Bargaining Table and posted to the OPSEU website.
Thank you to all those who participated.

Members of Local 340 showing solidarity in front of Local office, Oshawa - May 2, 2005

Local 340 members in front of Michael Starr building in support of bargaining - May 2, 2005

OPSEU President Casselman speaks to Local 340 members and press, May 9, 2005

Local 340 members at 2005 Strike Headquarters, May 9, 2005

OPS attendees rally at Old City Hall, Toronto

In a show of solidarity to the Bargaining Teams, OPS attendeesof the 2005 OPSEU Annual Convention and their supporters rallied at Old City Hall, Toronto.  Also in attendance were members of the Bargaining Team and OPSEU President, Leah Casselman. 

Wearing OPSEU t-shirts, waving OPSEU flags and holding up "No More Cuts" and "Clerks Make It Work" posters, the group of several hundred sent a clear message to the employer.  We want a contract now.   No more cuts.  No justice, no peace.

Picture highlights from the event are below.  The photos are courtesy of Region 3 Mobilizer, Mark Sargent.

Local 340's Hogan, Bryant and Demareski at OPS Rally, Old City Hall, Toronto - April 14, 2005

OPS Rally in support of Bargaining Teams, Old City Hall, Toronto - April 14, 2005

OPSEU President, Casselman, in support of OPS members, Old City Hall, Toronto - April 14, 2005

OPSEU Local 340 is a non-profit organization committed to serving its members within the Durham Region.  Questions or Comments?  Please contact us.

OPSEU Local 340
110-40 King St W
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 1A4
Phone: (905) 579-2658
Fax:  (905) 579-6619